Join the Naples Velo Strava

Last month we announced the club's intention to limit access to its page in Stava to club members only. That process is now underway and should be completed shortly.

If you have not already associated your Strava membership with the Naples Velo Strava Club, you can initiate the process at the following link: All of your activity in Strava will then be added automatically to the Club's page. It also creates a convenient way to check in on other Naples Velo club members and see their riding activities from day to day, even if you do not directly follow them.

Part of the incentive for making access exclusive to Club members was in preparation for running regular monthly contests. Options under consideration include total miles ridden, KOM/QOM (for the month) for a designated segment in the Naples area, total elevation gain (just kidding. We don't want club members riding up and down bridges all day) and best photograph(s) for the month. This one, in particular, is interesting because we sometimes don't slow down long enough to fully take in the routes we so enjoy riding. It's a good thing to "stop and smell the roses" occasionally. Even better, sharing some of the better moments with members of the Club.

That said, identifying a convenient process to manage the contests has been a challenge. Strava reports all of its activity results on its club pages on a weekly (versus monthly) basis, and no option or feature is integrated into the site that can enable the Club to configure it differently.

We have contacted Strava to see what options might be available to us. Strava is encouraging but non-committal on their efforts to make their club sites more configurable. In the meantime, we will continue working on finding other means to run contests that will engage the interest and participation of the members. Please standby, and in the interim, if you have any suggestions on competitions or alternative means of running them, please don't hesitate to let the Club know.