Join the Naples Velo Strava Club

Did you know that there is a Naples Velo Strava Club where you can easily see what your club mates are up to! Check out the picture of the leader board below...
In the past this has been an "open" club where anyone can join, so it's fair to say that that are people posting who are not official members of Naples Velo, or have even ever been to Naples, but we are in the process of cleaning this up!
In the near future only current Naples Velo members will be able to join and use our Strava Club function that we are building exclusively for you. Of course everyone is welcome to join Naples Velo, and then they can join the Strava Club.
We are planning several events that promote friendly but safe "virtual" competition for the exclusive benefit of Naples Velo club members. These include a Time Trial, Photography Contest and a Leaderboard for miles ridden. We are working with Strava Tech Support to get these launched as their system needs to make some changes to accommodate our needs. Winners will receive appropriate recognition. There may be prizes as well!
If you are a current Naples Velo member and do not have a Strava account then please go to, establish one and join the Naples Velo Strava Club. The Strava account does not require payment.
If you are not a Naples Velo member please join! Click the button below!