Safety First

We are quickly approaching another season of crowded restaurants, the absence of available parking and increased traffic on the roads of Collier and Lee counties. The latter fact makes it essential that you operate your bike in a cautious manner always aware of potential danger around you and follow some basic safety rules listed below:
Bicyclists’ Code of Conduct
1. Always wear a helmet.
2. Do not wear headphones.
3. Never ride against traffic.
4. Stop for stop signs, red lights, and pedestrians.
5. Follow lane markings.
6. Honor others right of way.
7. Use hand signals and verbal communications for other bikers and motorists.
8. Call out debris in the road.
9. Be predictable.
10. Ride single file with traffic.
11. When riding in a pace line:
Do not overlap with the bicycle in front of you.
Maintain an even pace and do not allow a gap to be created in front of you.
When rotating off the front, do not stop pedaling until you have moved off the front of the line.
Do not cut into the line unless the rider behind you has approved your move.
Be alert to the actions of the riders in front of you.
12. Don’t unnecessarily block traffic.
13. Always use lights front and back at night and it also helps your visibility during the day.
14. Limit the size of pace lines based on traffic conditions.
15. Keep two hands on the handlebars and no aero bar use in a group.
16. Offer feedback and direction to riders acting in an unsafe way.
17. Welcome and advise new riders.
18. Obey ride max speed limit if in use in group rides.
We look forward to a safe cycling season. Be a cycling safety champion through your behavior.
If you want to learn more about cycling safety and bicycle handling skills inquire about the free Naples Velo safety and skills clinics.
Have fun cycling and be safe!