Motorist Etiquette

Share the road with other vehicles, bicycles*

  • Provide 3 feet of room when passing a bicycle
  • Do not turn right in front of a bicycle
  • Expect bicycles to move left in the traffic lane to pass and avoid debris in the road
  • When a lane is too narrow to pass a bicyclist safely, wait until the adjoining lane is clear
  • Give bicyclist all the right of way as any other full size slow moving vehicle
  • When parked at a curb do not open the door on the traffic side of the vehicle without making sure that the lane is clear of vehicles including bicycles
  • Remember to be especially careful around bicyclists because any accident with them will probably result in serious injury
  • *Bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers. Motorists must treat cyclists the same as drivers of other motor vehicles. Bicyclists have a right to be and should be traveling on the road in the same direction as traffic. They are part of the traffic and share the road with other drivers